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 Experience our Clinics

The Clinics

The format for clinics offered at Paradise Ski Club in California, is different from that in Mexico.  Clinics are available to Members, and booked on a per set basis. Clinics are primarily "Pop-ups" and will pop up on an ongoing basis from May through November. Non-members can book for clinics as well, on a per set basis and will be granted a Day Membership!

On site accommodations are offered on availability, at an additional charge, with access to all the amenities our location has to offer.


Come enjoy our top of the industry boats, staffed daily with our World Class Driver.   Our dock is delightful, and our club Golf Cart is available for you to move around the property and access  Rest Rooms, to Relax at the club Gazebo, soak in Our Hot Tub and more! 


Massages - on site massages available upon request!


We have equipment from our Season Partner’s  (Radar, Denali, and D3 Gear available to you) - as well as our signature Ski Paradise Performance Gloves, and full line of Sunscreen & Skin Care formulated specifically for sun and water athletes! 


During our clinics, our coaches will have available to you anything provided by their sponsors and can work with you to fulfill any specific request.


Ski Paradise is known for being the finest All-Inclusive waterski resort in the industry, with our service going beyond skiing and focusing also in the guest experience outside of the water.


At our clinics in Valensin you will experience the best coaching and skiing conditions and that you can imagine, as well as an elite experience outside of the water designed to help you disconnect and relax in a beautiful location in Northern California.


2 sets per day with Ski Paradise Acapulco Coaches

Lodging at the estate's villa

Access to all club amenities

Exclusive wine tasting and live music events

Ski Paradise culinary experience

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