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Adam Caldwell

Adam Caldwell grew up free skiing on the frigid waters of Maine. He received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maine and went on to work as a Nuclear Test Engineer on 688 Class Submarines. Following his work on the base, he became a Mechanical Development/Test Engineer for a marine diesel engine manufacturer.

He has been diligently working on tuning skis and perfecting his technique on the water since meeting Adam Cord in 2006. He has run 41 off in record tournaments while riding his handmade custom skis.

Caldwell executes the mechanical side of the business, running the CNC machines, hydraulic presses, and many other custom tools to create Denali water skis.

Tournament Bests: 4 @ -41, 36mph | 1.5 @ -43, 34mph

Adam Caldwell
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